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Welcome to the town of Bootleg Run. You're looking to get out of your old trailer park and buy the farm up on the hill. Too bad the farm costs $5,000.

The only way to get that kind of money around here is bootlegging. Pick up as much liquor as you can and deliver it to all the thirsty residents of the town. You might even be able to drink some yourself. Just don't let the cops catch you.

Deliver as much liquor as possible before time runs out. Follow the arrows to find a pickup point on the map, then get it to the drop off point to get paid. Crashing into objects depletes the car's condition and destroys cargo. You can spend money at the end of every round to repair your car.

Drink some of the cargo with the number keys for some… effects. The more cargo you drink, the less money you make, though.

Also watch out for the cops when you have cargo!

About the Game:

This game was made for the 2017 Awful Summer Jam. Everything you see in the game was compiled over the course of 1 month by a team of 3. 

The current version was the final submission. Do note that you will encounter glitches and other issues with gameplay as a result.

W - Accelerate  
S - Brake or Reverse  
A/D - Steer  
Space Bar - Brake  
Escape - Pause  

P.S.: don't drink and drive

Release date Aug 01, 2017

Install instructions

Download the .zip folder and extract all. Run Crazy Smuggler.exe.

NOTE: To get the game out of fullscreen mode at the beginning, go to the options menu and change the resolution to anything other than 600x800.


CrazySmuggler_Win64.zip 253 MB
CrazySmuggler_Win32.zip 233 MB

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