v1.2 is up!

Includes a TON of fixes, features, and other post deadline things we didn't get to.

  • All new sound effects
  • New compass, which points towards level objectives
  • Katana and railgun damage increase
  • Speed boost when Katana is equipped
  • Removed vestigial part of first level
  • Added end boss health meter
  • New guard uniforms
  • You can now restore the previous saved checkpoint directly from the pause menu
  • Game now has correct icon
  • Fixed issue with guard AI causing slowdowns
  • Fixed pain indicator not showing
  • Fixed elevator in level 2 not going back up
  • Fixed sound volume slider not actually doing anything
  • Fixed end boss movement and clipping
  • Fixed issue with main menu panel hiding/showing
  • Fixed issue with button textures
  • Fixed game not saving bridge puzzle if completed
  • Fixed music and audio sliders not matching actual audio volume
  • And a lot more I'm forgetting


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Aug 14, 2018

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