A downloadable game for Windows

Fight your way to the end and have your revenge on Joe Romano for featuring you in his terrible game!

Keyboard Controls:
WASD - Move
Space Bar - Jump
E - Activate buttons/open doors
Left Mouse - Shoot
1,2,3 - Switch Weapons (when acquired)
Escape - Pause

Gamepad Controls:
Left stick - Move
Right stick - Look
A - Jump
Y - Activate buttons/open doors
Right Trigger - Shoot
D-Pad - Weapon Select

Saving Note: This game features a checkpoint system. If you get stuck, try pausing, going back to the main menu, and loading the game. Do note, though, that any progress you make will be erased if you quit to desktop.

Created by:
Hyperobjeckt (audio)

Install instructions

Download the .zip file and extract all. Then run the Katana2 exe.


Katana 2.zip 123 MB

Development log


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That was actually a lot of fun! Great work you guys