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ProfitCo, one of the leading construction services corporations in the world, refuses to pay their taxes to the government. Even the employees refuse to file their personal forms. So, the government has called in The Auditor, a former misfit who now works in tax collection to collect them by any means necessary. Disguised as a construction worker, the Auditor must infiltrate ProfitCo headquarters and collect their taxes.

Your goal is to collect the tax folders from every employee in each level and head to the staircase to go to the next one. At the end of the fourth level, you must collect the company’s forms from the CEO in his office.

Your auditor starts off with 10 health, displayed in the upper left corner. If you get attacked too many times, you will die and need to restart the level.

The number of folders you need to collect is displayed in the lower right corner. When you’ve collected all the forms, you will be able to proceed to the next level.

WASD - Move
Mouse click/Ctrl – Attack
Mouse – Camera 
Escape – Pause
M – Mute audio
Mouse Wheel – Increase/decrease mouse sensitivity

Release date Aug 01, 2011


The_Auditor_v2.zip 27 MB

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