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This is a contract between Ms. Smith (hereafter referred to as "FREELANCER") and WNIN New Ingleton Public Access (hereafter referred to as "STATION") for freelance camera work starting immediately. As part of the contract, FREELANCER agrees to abide by the following rules and conditions:


FREELANCER shall use the WASD or arrow keys to move throughout town. Should FREELANCER encounter something they wish to film, they shall click and hold down the left mouse button until sufficient footage has been recorded.

Work assignment:

On the first day of this contract, FREELANCER shall report to the front doors of the station to receive their first assignment. FREELANCER shall arrive to the specified location of the assignment at or before the specified time. Should FREELANCER arrive more than 30 minutes after the scheduled time, all compensation shall be forfeit.


STATION agrees to monetarily compensate FREELANCER on a per-shoot basis. Compensation amounts shall be provided as a part of the description of each assignment and will be received upon completion of each assignment after reporting back to the station.


FREELANCER shall be responsible for furnishing their own equipment. Equipment may be purchased through an agreement with the AV store located on the western side of town. STATION assumes no responsibility for equipment owned by FREELANCER.

Affiliate Agreement:

As part of an agreement with a local affiliate in town, FREELANCER may provide any newsworthy footage found outside of regular scheduled assignments to the station for additional compensation.


After FREELANCER has demonstrated the required skills and experience desired, STATION may elect to extend an offer of full-time employment to FREELANCER.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Release date Aug 01, 2014


The_Contract_Win64.zip 15 MB
The_Contract_Win32.zip 14 MB
The_Contract_OSX.zip 23 MB

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